Properties and Configuration

You can set preferences for Jaspersoft Studio in the Preferences window.

To open the Preferences window:

1. Select Window > Preferences to open the Preferences window.
2. Expand the Jaspersoft Studio node.


You can set JasperReports properties in the Jaspersoft Studio > Properties page of the Preferences window. Setting a property here sets it as the default for all reports. You can also set many properties at the report or element level. A property set at the element level overrides a property set at the report level; a property set at the report level overrides a property set at the Jaspersoft Studio level.

JasperReports Samples

JasperReports Library provides a number of sample reports that show how to use many of the available features. You can download and install the samples as a project in Jaspersoft Studio as follows:

1. Select File > New > Other from the main menu.
2. In the New dialog box, expand Jaspersoft Studio.
3. Select JasperReports Samples and click Next.
4. Enter a name for the project folder and click Finish.

The sample reports are downloaded to the location you chose. You can now view and work with these reports in Jaspersoft Studio.