Connecting to JasperReports Server Over SSL

Connecting to JasperReports Server Over SSL

Jaspersoft Studio lets you trust and manage certificates for connections to JasperReports Server instances over SSL.

Viewing the Certificate

When you create a JasperReports Server connection over SSL, the Server profile wizard automatically detects the https scheme in the URL and displays a icon. To open the Security Certificate dialog and view the security certificate, click . If you do not click Trust, the certificate will be displayed each time you connect to this JasperReports Server instance.

To view the trust store from the Security Certificate dialog, click Show Trust Store.

Adding the Certificate to the Trust Store in Jaspersoft Studio

To add a connection's certificate to the trust store, click Test Connection in the server profile wizard, and then click Trust. This trusts the topmost certificate in the certificate chain.

Setting the SSL Properties

SSL properties, including the location of the trust store, are set at the JVM-level via system properties. This means you can set SSL properties in one of two ways:

in code using System.setProperty
using java -D… syntax when running the program from the command line or in Jaspersoft Studio's .ini file. See Setting the -clean Flag in the .ini File for more information about the .ini file.

You can set the following keys for Jaspersoft Studio: – Location of the Jaspersoft Studio trust store. On Windows, the specified pathname must use forward slashes, /, in place of backslashes, \. Jaspersoft Studio defaults to the internal configuration directory. – Password to unlock the trust store. (Optional) – Format of the trust store. Defaults to Java keystore file format (JKS). – Debug flag. To enable logging for the SSL/TLS layer, set this property to ssl.

For more information, see Oracle's documentation for your Java version.

Working with the Trust Store

To view the trust store in the Jaspersoft Studio user interface:

1. Select Window > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box.
2. Navigate to Jaspersoft Studio > JasperReports Server Settings > Trust Store.
3. The Trust Store dialog is displayed.

Trust Store dialog

You can also open the Trust Store dialog when you are creating a secure connection by clicking Show Trust Store in the Security Certificate dialog.

The Trust Store dialog lets you do the following:

To view a certificate and its certificate chain, select the certificate.
To remove a certificate from the store, select the certificate and delete it.