Editing an XML/A Connection

Editing an XML/A Connection

In previous releases, XML/A connections that pointed to remote JasperReports Server instances had to specify slightly different information than what is required in this release. If you have recently upgraded from a version prior to 5.6, you must edit these XML/A connections' Data Source field.

For example, in previous versions, the Foodmart XML/A connection specified:


During upgrade, this connection must be changed to:


To edit an XML/A connection’s naming and properties:

1. In the Search field, enter the name (or partial name) of the connection you want to edit, and click the Search icon. For example, enter sugar.

The search results appear, displaying objects that match the text you entered.

2. Right-click the XML/A connection you want to change and click Edit.

The Set Connection Type and Properties page appears.

Set Connection Type and Properties

3. Make changes as necessary.
4. Click Test Connection.

Jaspersoft OLAP attempts to connect to the remote server:

     If it can connect, a message indicating success appears.
     If the connection fails, a message indicating the type of problem appears. For example, the message might indicate that a catalog with the specified name was not found in the data source; re-enter the catalog name and test the connection again. If a data source with the specified name isn't found, the message may indicate that no data source was found; examine your remote server's data sources, update the connection's details, and click Test Connection again.
5. Click the Show Details link to learn more about the problem.
6. When the test succeeds, click Submit.

The edited XML/A Connection appears in the repository.