Editing Display Options

The Display Options dialog lets you control the content and appearance of the information in your view, such as cube options, drill-through options, and sort options, which are described in the following sections.

Display options Dialog

Cube Options

Show all parent columns

Displays the column headings of a given hierarchy. The following navigation table shows Product and Product Family as parent column headings.

Show individual parent cells

Displays each parent member of a given hierarchy. The following navigation table displays all parent cells for Promotion Media and Product dimensions.

Include member attributes

Displays the member properties of the displayed hierarchy members.

Drill-through Operations

Show table below cube (on same page)

Displays the drill-through table below the navigation table. By default, the drill-through table appears in a separate browser window.

Hide drill-through links

Removes the hyperlinks from the fact data in measures.

Include only selected measure

Limits the display to only the selected measure in the drill-through table.

Sort Options

The option to sort across a cube's hierarchy is also available in the form of a toolbar button . In either case, it changes the behavior of sorting across or within dimension hierarchies. In the following example, Sort Across Hierarchy is selected, and the Unit Sales measure is sorted in descending order across the Product hierarchy.

For more information, see the TIBCO Jaspersoft OLAP Ultimate Guide

Sorting Across Hierarchy

The Display Options dialog also provides the following options:

Start sorting in descending order

Toggles the sort behavior between ascending and descending.

Display only the first N rows

Limits the number of rows displayed after sorting.