Creating an XML/A Source

Creating an XML/A Source

An XML/A source provides access to a single catalog (database schema) referenced by a Mondrian connection in a local instance of JasperReports Server. It defines a particular Mondrian connection in the repository that answers OLAP requests. The XML/A source is referenced by remote clients (such as an XML/A connection in a remote instance of JasperReports Server). The catalog name you specify uniquely defines the data that an XML/A client can retrieve from the source.

An XML/A source is also sometimes called an XML/A definition.

To add an XML/A source:

1. Click View > Repository.
2. In the Folder panel, navigate to Organization > Analysis Components > xml/a.
3. Right-click the folder and select Add Resource > Mondrian XML/A Source from the context-menu.

The Set Mondrian XML/A Source Properties page appears and prompts you to enter basic information.

Set Mondrian XML/A Source Properties Page

4. Enter XML/A source information. For example:



Resource ID

Sugar CRM Mondrian XML/A Source


Sugar CRM Mondrian XML/A Source


The name of the database that contains the data to analyze.

Mondrian Connection Reference

The path and name of the connection this XML/A source references. If the XML/A provider is JasperReports Server, its value is the connection’s URI.

5. Click Submit to save the XML/A source.

Once you create an XML/A source in and XML/A provider such as Jaspersoft OLAP, you must create an XML/A connection in your client application that points to it. For more information, see Performance Tuning.