Applying a License for Jaspersoft for AWS BYOL

After your trial license expires, you'll need to upload or replace your JasperReports Server license.

More information on applying a license is available on the Jaspersoft® Community Site, at

Make sure you have all the prerequisites for applying your license:

     A valid license file
     The public IP address or hostname of the AWS server instance running JasperReports Server
     Access to the AWS Console
     The Public key name associated with the server instance
     The path to the Private key file that works with the Public key

To apply your license file:

1. Login to the AWS console. The address is generally something like https://<yourOrganization>
2. On the AWS Console Home page, click EC2.
3. Click Instances on the side bar.
4. Locate and right-click your instance.
5. From the Instance Management pop-up menu, choose Connect. The Public DNS and Private Key name will be entered for you.
6. Complete the following:
     User name: ec2-user.
     Private key path.
7. Click Launch SSH Client.
8. Click Run when prompted to run the application named com.mindbright.application.MindTerm.
9. If prompted to add the server's fingerprint to the cache, click Yes.
10. Upload the new license file. First copy the file to your ec2-user home directory and apply sufficient permissions, then move or copy the file to /user/share/tomcat7/webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/.
11. With the license in place, restart Tomcat. You can do this either by rebooting the instance from the Amazon Admin page or by the following procedure:
a. Stop the Tomcat service using the following command:

sudo service tomcat7 stop

b. Restart the Tomcat service:

sudo service tomcat7 start

To verify that your license is uploaded, open JasperReports Server in a web browser and click About JasperReports Server in the lower left corner.

Valid License Information