Supported Instance Types

Supported Instance Types

The following is a list of the instance types supported for JasperReports® Server. Some are only supported inside a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

     M3 Medium (m3.medium)
     M3 Large (m3.large)
     M3 XL (m3.xlarge)
     M4 Large (m4.large) - VPC only
     M4 XL (m4.xlarge) - VPC only
     M4 2XL (m4.2xlarge) - VPC only
     M4 4XL (m4.4xlarge) - VPC only
     M4 10XL (m4.10xlarge) - VPC only
     R3 XL (r3.xlarge)
     R3 2XL (r3.2xlarge)
     C4 XL (c4.xlarge) - VPC only

Performance may vary based on system attributes, such as network, bandwidth, memory requirements for a given use case, query requirements, and the like.

If you choose an unsupported instance type, you'll receive an error message.

For more information about EC2 instance types, see the AWS documentation: