Problems Importing and Exporting Data from the Repository

Exporting a Repository That Contains UTF-8

You may see the following errors when you have international characters in repository objects, for example, in user IDs.

Error During Export

An Upgrade usually requires exporting your database. If you're using MySQL and getting this null pointer exception, it may be caused by an incorrect character in the file:



Check the URL in this file in <js-install>buildomatic/build_conf/default/; it should look like this:


Note the ampersand &. It's incorrect if it appears as &amp;. The &amp; is correct only in an HTML or XML context. It's incorrect in a properties file.

Error During Export from Repository on Oracle

Oracle requires a specific JVM property to handle UTF-8 characters properly. If the export is empty and this error occurs when attempting to compress the result:

ERROR ExporterImpl:129 - ZIP file must have at least one entry

If you have stored your repository database on an Oracle RDBMS, modify the last line of both <js-install>/buildomatic/js-export.* files as follows:

From: java -classpath ...

To: java -Doracle.jdbc.defaultNChar=true -classpath ...