Additional Steps for Using the IBM JDK

If you are using the IBM JDK, you need to set OWASP to use the correct Pseudo-random Number Generator (PRNG). To do this before installation, you can modify the WAR file as follows:

1. The WAR file is an archive format in a single file.
a. Extract the file using the following command:
cd <js-install>
"%JAVA_HOME%/bin/jar" xf jasperserver-pro.war WEB-INF/csrf/

This creates the WEB-INF/csrf folder in the current location and places the extracted file there.

b. Rename the file from to using the following command:
mv ./WEB-INF/csrf/ ./WEB-INF/csrf/
2. After you have modified the file, replace it in the WAR file archive using the following commands.
cd <js-install>"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jar" uf jasperserver<MadCap:conditionalText data-mc-conditions="JasperConditions.Pro">-pro</MadCap:conditionalText>.war WEB-INF/csrf/