Logging into JasperReports Server

1. Go to the following URL to log in:


Where <hostname> is localhost, a machine name, or an IP address. The login page should appear after some time to compile the necessary JSP files.

2. Log in with administrative credentials:

User ID



superuser superuser

System-wide administrator

jasperadmin jasperadmin

Administrator for the default organization

If you have trouble logging in and get the following error message, you may be running at a WebSphere patch level that needs further configuration:

Page cannot be found, HTTP 404 error

Refer to the troubleshooting section WebSphere Modifications.

The first time you log into JasperReports Server, you'll be prompted to opt-in to the JasperReports Server Heartbeat. For more information, refer to JasperReports Server Heartbeat.

Refer to the TIBCO JasperReports Server User Guide to begin adding reports and other resources to JasperReports Server.