Previewing a Report

Click the Preview tab at the bottom of the report. The preview compiles the report in the background with data retrieved by the query through your JDBC connection. The Detail band repeats for every row in the query results, creating a simple table report.

Figure 15: Report Preview

Each subreport is saved in a separate report file. Reflecting the standard Eclipse design, saving or previewing a report that contains subreports does not update the subreports. When you edit a subreport, you must first build the subreport, and then save the file for the subreport changes to be visible when you preview the report that contains it.

To build a subreport explicitly, use the Build All button on the toolbar, or type Ctrl-B. Alternatively, select Project > Build Automatically to have Jaspersoft Studio do it for you.
To save a subreport, use File > Save or File > Save As.