Preferences and Configuration

You can set preferences for Jaspersoft Studio in the Preferences window.

To open the Preferences window:

1. Select Window > Preferences to open the Preferences window (Eclipse > Preferences on Mac).
2. Expand the Jaspersoft Studio node.

This chapter has the following sections:

JasperReports Samples
Units of Measure in Jaspersoft Studio
Cleaning Cached Data
Disabling Usage Statistics
Export and Import
Setting Compatibility with Earlier Versions of JasperReports Library
Working with Java in Eclipse
Using Data Snapshots


You can set JasperReports properties in the Jaspersoft Studio > Properties page of the Preferences window. Setting a property here sets it as the default for all reports. You can also set many properties at the report or element level. A property set at the element level overrides a property set at the report level. A property set at the report level overrides a property set at the Jaspersoft Studio level.

JasperReports Samples

JasperReports Library provides a number of sample reports that show how to use many of the available features. You can download and install the samples as a project in Jaspersoft Studio as follows:

1. Select File > New > Other from the main menu.
2. In the New dialog, expand Jaspersoft Studio.
3. Select JasperReports Samples and click Next.
4. Enter a name for the project folder and click Finish.

The sample reports are downloaded to the location that you chose. You can now view and work with these reports in Jaspersoft Studio.