Using Single Sign-on with JasperReports Server

You can use single sign-on (SSO) to connect to a JasperReports Server instance that has been configured to work with the Central Authentication Service (CAS) protocol. For information about configuring CAS for JasperReports Server, see the JasperReports Server External Authentication Cookbook.

Configure JasperReports Server

Before you begin, configure your JasperReports Server instance for CAS, as described in JasperReports Server External Authentication Cookbook.

Add the CAS server to your Jaspersoft Studio workspace

1. In Jaspersoft Studio, select Window > Preferences (Eclipse > Preferences on Mac).
2. In the Preferences window, navigate to Jaspersoft Studio > Jaspersoft Server Setting > Single Sign On Server.

Figure 132: Single Sign On Servers in Preferences Dialog

3. In the Single Sign On Servers pane, click Add.
4. Enter the URL of your CAS server along with the username and password that you want to use for access.

Figure 133: SSO Server Settings Dialog

5. Click OK.

The CAS server is added to the list of available single sign-on servers.

6. Click OK.

Configure your JasperReports Server connection to use CAS

1. In Jaspersoft Studio, open the Repository Explorer, then click the Create a JasperReports Server Connection icon .
2. Select Advanced Settings.
3. Enable the Use Single Sign On option.

The Account section of the Server profile wizard changes.

Figure 134: Setting Single Sign-on in the Server Profile Wizard

4. If the server hosts multiple organizations, enter the ID of the organization to which you belong. This can be the root organization (in which case you can leave this entry bar blank) or another organization.
5. Select the CAS server that you want to use for this connection from the SSO Server menu.
6. Click Test Connection to test the connection. This may take some time, especially the first time you connect.
7. Click OK in the confirmation dialog.
8. Click OK to create the connection.