Applying a Jaspersoft License for AWS BYOL

When creating your JasperReports Server instance or cluster for BYOL, AWS creates a S3 bucket for you to upload your JasperReports Server license. You need to upload your license after the trial license expires.

More information on applying for a license is available on the Jaspersoft Community Site, at

Make sure you have all the prerequisites for applying for your license:

A valid license file.
Access to the AWS Management Console.
A BYOL instance or cluster already running in AWS.
A S3 bucket. You can find the name of the bucket on the Outputs tab of your CloudFormation stack.

These instructions are only for BYOL licenses. You cannot upload other JasperReports Server licenses to your S3 bucket.

If you are using a BYOL license for a cluster, deleting an instance before applying your license may result in the automatic creation of a new instance using an older license.

To apply to your license file

1. Log in to the AWS console. The address is generally something like https://<yourAWSAccountID>

If you would like more information on logging into the AWS console see:

2. On the AWS Management Console home page, click S3.
3. Click the name of the bucket for your instance or cluster.
4. Click Upload.
5. Click Add Files to find the license file on your local machine.
6. Click Start Upload.

AWS uploads the file and stores it in the S3 bucket.

7. With the license in place, reboot your instance from the EC2 > Instances > Instances page.

To verify that your license is uploaded, open JasperReports Server in a web browser and click About JasperReports Server in the lower left corner.

Figure 9: Valid License Information