XML Design File Reference

This section explains each of the XML elements and attributes in a design file and how they relate to the settings in the Domain Designer.

Because certain XML elements correspond to objects in the Domain design, this section refers to XML elements that contain Domain objects such as sets. This is a short-hand description that means the XML elements contain other XML elements that represent the Domain object.

Technically, the only requirement to save or upload a Domain design file is a data source reference. However, for the file to be usable, many more elements are needed. As a short-hand, elements you need to create a usable Domain are marked "required".

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The schema Element

The schema element is the outermost container element of an XML Domain design file. The schema element is required.

The schema element refers to the XML schema. It has no relationship to database schemas in the data source.

schema Hierarchy

The following hierarchy is used for the schema element:

<schema xmlns="http://www.jaspersoft.com/2007/SL/XMLSchema" version="1.3"
	<dataIslands> (0..1)
	<dataSources> (0..1)
	<itemGroups> (0..n)
	<items> (0..n)
	<resources> (1)

When you export a file from the Domain Designer, these elements appear alphabetically in the file. In this reference, they are presented in the following order, based on their function in the Domain:

Data sources and database schemas (dataSources element).
Domain tables and rows (resources element); includes tables, derived tables, calculated fields, joins, and pre-filters.
Domain presentation (dataIslands, itemGroups, and items elements).

Child Elements

Element Name

<dataIslands> Container for a list of data islands in the Domain design.
<dataSources> Container for the Domain data source and schemas.
<itemGroups> Containers for sets; each data island listed in the dataIslands element must have a corresponding itemGroups element.
<items> Containers for items that aren't in any set. Items in different dataIslands must be in different items elements.

(Required) Container for all elements that define tables and rows in the Domain, including:

Derived tables
Calculated fields

Because the elements under resources refer to database objects, they must be externally consistent with the data source for the Domain.

XML Attributes




schemaLocation String

Sometimes added by XML editors to locate the XSD file.

version String Version of the XSD used to create this design file. Included in design files exported from Domain Designer.
xmlns String

XML namespace URI. This string is unique to Jaspersoft, and it does not correspond to a valid URL. For more information, see http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml-names. Included in design files exported from Domain Designer.