Opening the Domain Designer

To open the Domain Designer and create a new Domain

1. Log in as an administrative user.
2. Create a Domain in one of the following ways.
Select Create > Domain from the main menu.
Click Create in the Domains section of the home page.
Right-click a repository folder and choose Add Resource > Domain.

The Choose Data dialog appears.

Figure 1: The Choose a Data Source dialog

3. Select a data source in the Choose Data dialog and click OK.
Use only data sources in the repository for which the intended user has at least execute permission.
If you installed the sample data, you can use the sample JDBC, JNDI, and virtual data sources in Organization > Data Sources or Organization > Analysis Components > Analysis Data Sources.
You can use the icons at the top of the Choose Data dialog to switch between a repository tree view and a flat list of data sources:

– Display data sources as a repository view.

– Display data sources as a list.

For performance reasons, the Choose Data dialog has an upper limit on the number of data sources it displays. If the data source you want does not appear in the list, use the Search... bar to locate it.
4. Click OK to open the Domain Designer with the selected data source.

To edit an existing Domain

1. Log in as an administrative user.
2. Display a list of Domains in one of the following ways:
Navigate to a folder in the Repository that contains Domains.
Click the large icon in the Domains block on the home page.
3. Right-click the Domain you want and select Edit from the menu.

The Domain Designer displays the Data Management tab for the Domain you selected.

If you close the domain without saving the changes, you are prompted to save or cancel the changes to the existing domain.