Using ireports to call image stored on a Zebra


Hi All,

I am trying to store an image on a Zebra (ZT420), and use ireports v5.2 to call the image rather than embedding the image directly into the report template (so the print spool is smaller).

We have third party software that converts the jasper output to zpl when generating the print file. Can anyone help with the correct syntax to use within the jasper template?

We do similar for barcodes so they tranlsate to ZPL correctly, by creating a text box with the raw form: "<BAR=code128>" + 123456789

I guess it may be something similar to this?


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1 Answer:


Better to contact Zebra support or the third party software support. JasperReports is abile to use embedded images or use uri reference to an image.

Is it possble to reference image on a Zebra by an URI? Does the third party software support uri?

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