Can I use interactivity with JasperServer Community and Rest?

Hi all!

I have interactive report. In a web view of  JasperServer Community I can sort data in the report, but when I try to do it when I get report via rest - I can't.

I use this query: host_name/jasperserver/rest_v2/reports/reports/interactive/CustomersReport.html?page=1&interactive=true

So can I use interactivity with JasperServer Community and Rest?


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Yes. I read about Visualize.js for commerical edition.

But I can use interactivity in web view of Jasper Server, so maybe I have different concept of interactivity in my head.

Here is example form Jasper Server Web View:

I can implement it only with Visualize.js or by myself, its correct?

viug5 - 6 years 10 months ago

2 Answers:

Have you looked at the documentation, specifically:

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Visualize.js is only available on commercial version and not on community version.

If you need interactively with the community version, you'll have to implement it yourself. It's actually not that difficult and it's also possible to add interactivy to regular report and not just to list and table components. I often just add a filter entry field to a page with predefined columns instead of making users enter filter conditions on each column - having filter conditions on each column have advantages but for most of my users needs, this is just adding complexity.

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