problem with exel report

Hi all;

My issue is about exporting my report into xls format, besides of that the report is printed correctly into the pdf (see the image bellow)

on the other hand, the report loses his format when exporting into xls:

So can you give some hints in order to have my report well printed into xls,

Thanks, cheers

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2 Answers:

Jaspersoft's Excel exporter doesn't work too well. I just modified my version of it. The other choice is to create your report layout so it'll export out nicely to Excel but this is usually going to be different from pdf export.

Anyhow, why are you trying to export a report to Excel to print? Isn't pdf good enough?


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The issue may be with the Libre Office Calc. When I am using the Libre Office before in Microsoft Windows platform,I have faced the similar issue. So I switched to Microsoft Office excel and the design issue for excel got resolved. But in ubundu platform I don't know is there is any substitution for Libre Office 

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