Drill down works on one jasper server instance but not on another.

To give a brief before the actual issue, we have a repository of reports and a dashboard installed on two jasper server instances i,e, on two difference servers namely Server A and server B.


When i try to drill down from one report to the other within a dashboard, the feature works on our jasper server A but for some reason it does not work on the jasper server B. We have confirmed and rechecked multiple times to see if the report structure, the parameters being passed, the referencing being done is all correct or not. But inspite of recreating the repository and dashboards on server B in the same way we did on server A the drill down fails. The text gets underlined to suggest there is a feature to click on it to drill down but when we click nothing works.

Server A edition/version: Enterprise/6.2.0

ServerB edition/version: Professional/6.0.1


Would really appreciate it if anyone can recommend steps we can try to fix this. And in case someone did face the same issue, what did he/she do to fix it. Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer:

Try displaying the links and parameters but temporary putting fields in your report.

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