Jaspersoft for AWS License failure


Until yesterday could access out Jaspersoft for AWS BI instance but since this morning am redirected to /jasperserver-pro/licensefailed.html : "Your license is invalid.  This license can be used only on instances launched from the Jaspersoft for AWS Marketplace AMIs."


We have changed nothing our end. Is there anything we should?


The AMI we use is ami-0e0fff66





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Which version of AWS are you using; Hourly or BYOL. You can click on the "About Jaspersoft" Link in the bottom left corner of any Jaspersoft page

WHen was the instance launched?

marianol - 3 years 9 months ago

Clicking on "about Jaspersoft" leads to the Licensing error message. This is the hourly version and the instance was launched in July or August 2014.





dimitri.strutt - 3 years 9 months ago

1 Answer:


it`s possible that something was wrong with AWS during License check, just try to reboot your instance.


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