What is the maximum number of characters allowed in a text field.

The data in a text field is a piece of text up to 4000 characters.  How do I do this in ireport 5.1

It seems as if there is a 800 character limit.

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I make use of the oracle jdbc driver.  I have also set the stretch with overflow setting.  

jacques_4 - 7 years 7 months ago

To eliminate a possible cause, try to run your query in an Oracle db client first, and see if the result actually contains more than 800 chars.

If so, then please post your JRXML sample here in order to help us find out some other clues.



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4 Answers:

Which datasource are you using? Check if your datasource has a limit on number of characters.

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In addition, make sure the 'Stretch With Overflow' option is checked for that textfield.



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HI ,

I have similar kind of issue, but in my case i am able to display 4000 character text. Which causes a space between next textbox.

If i am using less characters its displaying properly,but if max charaters(4000) entered its showing space between the text boxes.

Please find the reference below.Please let me know if additional changes i need to do.Thanks



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My problem is that in text field I can see only 4.000 haracters. If the text exceeds, the creation of PDF  goes to error. 

Stretch With Overflow' option is checked

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