Report is not generated when called using url


I am working with jasperserver 3.5. I am trying to invoke jasperreport from URL by passing user credentials. I dont want the default header of jasper server (jasper logo and welcome menu etc) to appear. I used the option decorate=no in the URL.


The report has a input control. it must prompt for the input. i have set the property  Controls layout as 'separate page' and checked always prompt for input controls. As i call the report its prompting for the input and when i type in input and click on run then nothing is showing up. whereas the report is running fine when i run it from repository.

Please provide any suggestion

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when i use decorate=yes then the report is getting generated. but it also should generate using decorate=no

rupeshkumar.17444 - 7 years 7 months ago

1 Answer:

Try versioning up and using the REST v2 API to generate reports instead.

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