How to increase detail band height dynamically

I am using one textfield in the detail band and set stretch with overflow true ,my requirement is to increase the detail band height dynamically when the text field has more data , i set split Type to Stretch but there is no change the band doesn't show all the data

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I tried this, but it does not work in version 6.20

eyvind.almqvist - 3 weeks 3 days ago

1 Answer:

I found this answer for you from a duplicate question:

Assuming you have dynamic text in text fields, you can set the isStretchWithOverflow attribute of the <textField> element to true. This will cause the text field to expand to accomodate the text.

Make sure that any elements below the text field have a positionType of "Float", otherwise the text from the text field will be displayed "on top" of the other elements.


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