UTF-8 characters issue in Ireports PDF


I'm creating a table structure with  static column headers  and some values fields, the field values are getting populated from CSV datasource contating Thai characters. When i preview the PDF, the static Thai chars in the column headers appears fine, but which is getting rendered via datasource (i created a dataadapter from CSV) is not appearing and some junk chars are appearing.

I'm using IReports designer 5.6.0.

And i'm setting the font name as "Arial Unicode MS" with encoding "Identity-H". The static chars that are hard coded in the designer is appearing fine, but the fields values that are getting displayed from the CSV file is not rendered. Should i set some specific encoding for the dataadapter. 

Kindly let me know.




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1 Answer:

It's probably the encoding with your csv character. If you have it set to UTF-8, try setting it to the encoding of your OS.


Try setting the properties below in your report


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