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I am currently working on web application based on Angular JS,HTML5. I have a report section on the same where i am displaying the report data through API calls.

I feel that displaying reports through API call is not the best practice so i did some research and came across TIBCO Jasper reports and its looking fine till now.

What i have done till now is

  1.     Installed Jaspersoft Studio in my local machine.
  2.     Connected the same to my DB and generated JRXML file.
  3.     Uploaded the JRXML file to jasper server and generated reports from DB.

What i need to do is

    I see i can generate reports in various formats from jasper server like pdf, excel etc.. How do i integrate this to my web page?

Please assist me on this and share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

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Yes. I am using the community version and i just want to display the report i have generated in jasper server in my web page. can you explain  the steps to implement this?

Thank you


shareertm - 6 years 7 months ago

We have integrated Jasper into our AngularJs app by integrating the Visualize.js library. I posted a scaled-down version of the code here:


Hope that helps!

Edited to add: we are using the professional version

jclarke_1 - 6 years 7 months ago

2 Answers:

What you do want to do is not clear. Are you using Community version?

- If you want to display the report visualizer as with jasperserver you will need to use HTTP APIs ie. Iframes
- If you want to be able to generate documents with the choice of the format use rest_v2/reports/<path_to_report>.<format>
Thanks to rest APIs you can generate reports easily and put it into your web page and handle your logic.
-  if you are using professional version you could also use visualize.js

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