how to export "excel compatible" CSV from jasperserver


I'm trying to export a report as CSV that should be openable in Excel.

Right now, excel requires the byte order mark (BOM) to be written in order to recognize UTF-8 files.

I tried using the property described here. It works when I do the export from jaspersoft studio but seems to be ignored when I do it from the server. Am I missing something? Is there another point where this should be changed?




Edit to precise: We are using 6.0.1 as 6.1.0 has a blocking bug and we couldn't test 6.1.1 yet. Is this issue really resolved on 6.1?

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1 Answer:

I just made the modification to WEB-INF/classes/ and restarted the system. Also, check JasperReports Server version to make sure it's 6.1.0 or above.

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