iReport compiles and builds but does not save changes made

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I am editing a report that was built by someone else and I am using iReport to do so. I am very new to SQL and iReport. All I've been asked to do is take the current report and add a text box and text field that display the title "Email" and below it have the text field hold and display the variable "shiptoemail".

I do all of this easy enough; my issue is that whenever I hit build it compiles just fine (It doesnt exactly run though) but when ever I upload the report to FishBowl it's as if i never edited a single thing. Yet when i reopen the report i just posted back into iReport- my changes are there.

If you guys have any idea what im doing wrong please help.


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1 Answer:

Are you opening the report uploaded to the server or are you just reopening the jrxml file on your local folder? If the later, you probably have a problem uploading the file. Check that you are uisng the correct iReport version supported by Fishbowl. If you are, you're probably better off posting your question to Fishbowl instead of here because it's a problem with Fishbowl.

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