How to pass a parameter from text field hyperlink?


I have a report with a text field that, when clicked, drills down to another report via ReportExecution link type. It successfully drills down, but it seems like it is not passing the parameter to the drill down report. I have designed these reports in Studio Professional Edition (6.0.0 final) and deployed them to Jasper Server (6.1). The drill down report has an input control defined for this parameter in Jasper Server. 


Can anyone tell me what is going wrong?

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2 Answers:



Hyperlinks on the text field can be done using below steps,

LinkTarget : Self

Link type : Report Execution

Parameters :

_report -----   2nd report path in the server

parameter_name ----- field _value (which value you want to pass to the 2nd report)

the parameter_name in the main report should match with parameter_name in the 2nd report.

if you need any further information let me know.Mostly it should work by using above steps.


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You should add the parameters to textfield hyperlink parameters. For example assume that there is parameter named 'param1' in both report. So in textfield hyperlink section. You should add param1 and mapped $P{param1}. add the parameters where you defined the drill down report path with '_report' in textfield hyperlink

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