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  1. Hi, You can achive this by using 3 variable. For example create variable like below. Sort is important. Beacuse jaspersoft calculates the variable by orders. vSalesCurr = $F{Sales}vSalesDiff = $V{vSalesCurr} - $V{vSalesPrev}vSalesPrev = $F{Sales} (you can define 0 as initial value)While jasper processing the vSalesDiff, vSalesCurr holds current value because it is calculated alreadyvSalesPrev holds the previous value because it is not calculated yet and still holds the previous value. That's the trick.
  2. If you use different dataset from main dataset to load data to your report, you have to pass the parameter to the sub dataset also. Probably that's the problem.
  3. Hi, I assume that you use the variable on Group header, not on group footer. So you have to set the evaluation type of the textfield which is used for variable on table. Select the text field and go the properties. Under the 'Text Field' section, set the evaluation type as '[Groupname] Group' and try again. You should see the proper values.
  4. If your query result has too many rows, then yes.You should test two way and decide. In my experience, around 100K records the performance difference is noticeable.
  5. 1. Change the rotation of the fields.Go to static text properties>static text>rotation 2. Drag the fields, which you want to sum, to column header and change fields evaluation time to 'Column'.
  6. Hi psundaravaradhan, You are right. That's the only way to make it on Jasper level is giving a filter expression. But If you want to use like that and the result set has too many rows, some performance issue will come with it. Because when you giving a filter expression for the top records, reports show top records after fetching all the query results.
  7. You can try this. IF(LEN($F{patron_last_name})>4,$F{patron_last_name}.substring(0,4),$F{patron_last_name})
  8. For detail band nature, it is normal to behave like that. For example in first iteration dataset has one row but second iteration the result set has two row and goes like that. So. first evaluation of detail band your map has one marker and second iteration there will be two marker with previous one. Create two parameters for lat and long data and try to assign your lat and long fields to that parameters. So your parameters will hold last record while each detail band evaluation. After that use that parameters, not fields, for markers.
  9. I guess there is a field with illegal pattern on report. Check the fields' pattern on report by design window or search with 'pattern' on source window. Find the field and correct the pattern.
  10. Create a sort field from outline window according your gruop which is city i guess in your case. Jasper groups the data according the order of the result set coming from datasoruce. So you need to order first.
  11. Change subreport expression "repo:subreport.jrxml" and publish report to jasperserver.
  12. Without lookinh to source code, hard to tell sth. If you share the source code, you can get more accurate responses.
  13. Are you sure about this query working on SQL. Because there is a syntax error. selecta.oracle_project_id, a.client_id, a.mhs_client, a.stage, a.Date_Changedfrom (select o.oracle_project_id, o.client_id, o.mhs_client, v.Date_Changed, stg.name stage,ROW_NUMBER () OVER (PARTITION BY o.oracle_project_id ORDER BY v.Date_Changed desc) AS RowNumber)from inv_investments inv ... Remove the end bracket after 'RowNumber' and try again.
  14. create a group from outline based on name field. Click group band and go to group band propertes. check the 'new page' under Group Band Properties. After that, go to report properties and check the properies as you want for example 'title on a new page'
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