Where is the filepath of the added theme?


Hi. firstly, pardon me for any bad english. i have a very simple question regarding jasperreport server. i logged in as jasperadmin and add a new theme and have modified it. now, i know you can download the theme from the interface but where can i find the exact directory for this saved theme. i looked at apache-tomcat/webapps/jasperserver/themes but my theme was not there? where does it store my custom theme? thanks

ADD: To make sure you guys understand what i really want, let me tell you my situation right now. i have updated from jasperserver 5 to 6. but my own custom theme is lost. luckily, i have made a backup of the webapps folder before upgrading. so i need to retrieve the custom theme from the backup folder so i could copy it to the upgraded one. so thats why i need to know where is the directory

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Themes are keep in the repository.  Look under the "Themes" folder.

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When you download a theme, it is exported as a zip file archive in the location your browser uses for downloads.  When you upload a zip file as a theme, right click on the Themes folder in the repository and select Upload Theme


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