Need help uploading locale bundles to domains in Jasper server


Whenever I am trying to upload Locale bundles to domain in Jasper server, I am experiencing "Invalid File" error message. Please find the steps that I followed below.

1. Exported bundle from existing domain(Local_Domain).

2. Translated the bundle into French and saved it as

have been trying to upload both and bundles. But getting "Invalid file" error message. I did try to upload the files through jasper studio, but no luck.

 Please help me regarding uploading locale bundles to domains.





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I have tried all the web browsers and it is not working. I am not even able to upload any external sources like Images or JRXML files as well.

ravikakani - 8 years 2 days ago

1 Answer:

Try using a different web browser. I had a similar problem when I used IE with earlier version of JasperReports Server.

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