"The Report is Empty" in Server, but not in Studio

So, I have a report that was created in JasperStuido 5.6. The report uses parameters that are linked to input controls. 

I have a sample data set that runs correctly and returns 6 rows in preview mode in JasperStudio.

When I publish the report to JasperServer. The report uses cascading input controls created in JasperServer. The input controls seem to work as the cascading choices carry forward to the next input control. 

But when I run the report, I get the message "The Report is Empty".

Does anyone know what I can tweak to get the report running?


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3 Answers:

The problem may be caused by 2 situations:

1. If the datasource in the server is not set correctly - Did you test the datasource used by the report on the server?

2. Input Control is not setup correctly - Try displaying the parameters set by the input controls

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The report is Empty is usually due to the dataousrce. Is the datasource in the server set up correctly? You may want to test that first. 

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I came acoss this problem and the mistake I have done is i've placed a space before parameter name, report was working fine in Jaspersoft Studio but it was displaying empty when it is deployed to JasperServer. CHECK WEATHER THERE ARE ANY TYPOS LIKE SPACES IN WHEN PROVIDING IDENTIFIER NAMES FOR YOUR PARAMETERS.

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