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Hi everyone,

I just started using Jaspersoft studio to author and compile some reports. I was trying to add and older jasperreports library using the process detailed here:


However, it seems that the download fails for all v4.x libraries. Presumably, this is because they have been moved to the archive folder on sourceforge. I naively tried to manually add the jasperreports libraries by unpacking the revelant files into  a folder in "JaspersoftWorkspace\.metadata\.plugins\com.jaspersoft.studio\jrCompilers/" (and adding the JRToolKit jar), but it is now giving me compilation errors.

Rather than trying to blindly push ahead, I was wondering if:

1. Is there any way to change what source Jaspersoft studio is downloading from? I could just update it to the correct url for the library. Or,

2. Does anyone have any steps on how to manually add a older jasperreports library to Jaspersoft studio?


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1 Answer:


This is a known bug and a case has already been created. The problem is older versions of JasperReports have been moved to Archived folder at SourceForge. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next release - some where next month?


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