custom SSO in jasper using tokenbase authentication

hi, i'm trying to implement SSO in jasper using Token based authentication.The user is authenticated in external application and token is send via http header. I need to read the header and get the respective user and his roles and load jasper. I followed the procedure mentioned in jasper cookbook v6.0.1.but unable to configure those beans in "applicationContext-externalAuth-Preauth.xml". i want to have my custom jars for authenticating token and redirecting him to load jasper according to his roles. While tried to redirect to jasper after configuring .i'm getting (error:404 jasperserver-pro not found) in browser.Please help me in configuring and developing custom jars for Token base authenticaton thanks in advance.
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1 Answer:

Just follow the instrucciones on

1 - Stop Tomcat

2- Copy from the install samples folder sample-applicationContext-externalAuth-preauth[-mt].xml to webapps/jasperserver[-pro]/WEB_INF/applicationContext-externalAuth-preauth.xml

3- Edit /applicationContext-externalAuth-preauth.xml and configure the token format to your needs , is always better to first try the plain text fromat that comes in the sample to see that all is OK

4- If you go by encrypting the token (You SHOULD!!) then create your decryption class

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