Can't find the real interface


I'm fairly sure it's an easy question, but I am only starting to use Jaspersoft and I can't find the anwser in the documentation.

When I open JasperReports Server, I get this interface.

My main concern is that I absolutely don't know where I can create reports. Worst : I can't even create domains. I was expecting this interface, just like in the 3-days demo :

So how can I set up Jaspersoft to "unlock" these features ? Or is it EE-reserved ? Or do I need to download something else ? Thanks in advance.

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3 Answers:

Try clicking on the little house icon on the menu bar between the Tibco Jaspersoft logo and the other menus. Not sure why your home page got hosed - it should normally be that landing page.

BTW, you can also create Data Sources, Domains, and finally Reports by clicking the Create menu and making a selection.

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FYI, you're opening up to a Repository (View -> Repository from menu). The default Home Page should be the one you've wanted.

How are you logging in to the server? Are you using SSO or redirecting from a different web server page?

Are you entering the following url to login to JasperReports Server? If not, you'll probably using an URL to open up a repository page.

http://[ip address/domain name]:8080/jasperserver/



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Thanks for your answers !

The first picture is what I get when I click on the little house, or when I log in from this page

When I login, I'm directly redirected to this page : http://[domain]:8080/jasperserver/flow.html?_flowId=searchFlow. Same when I try to directly write "http://[ip address/domain name]:8080/jasperserver/" in the url bar.

EDIT : nvm, it's because I use the CE. 

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