Report Generation: Filtering and Searching

Hello, I understand the power of jaspersoft but what I wanted to know is does it come with filtering,searching option on some field too?

The idea is my php application must produce ID CARD for student; so the application must be able to produce all,filter or the ID CARD of a specific student at time.

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Can you explain a bit more...I'm not sure what your question actually is.
I do not see any issues in doing that with Jasper, reports can accept parameters that can make it behave how you want. i.e. filtering the result set to one a or many results.  

marianol - 7 years 10 months ago

What I am asking is that filtering and searching interface will be built by me or I just have to indicate filtering and searching columns

and when the page(report page) is produced it comes with that  interface of filtering and searching(If you have tried php report maker, you minght have seen how it does).

magezisagesse_1 - 7 years 10 months ago

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