Displayed Parameter Names change after publishing Report to Server!


first of all, i hope you understand my english.

I´m running a JasperReports Community Server. The current Report I created with JasperSoft Studio 6.1 final works totally fine. But there is one little mistake. My Report has two parameters "StartDate" and "EndDate".

The Input Controls also working fine but I want to change the displayed Parameter Names into "Start Date (e.g. 20150101)" and "Ende Date (e.g. 20150201)" in order to give the User an input example.

When I changed these by using the web Interface is works good but only until i change something in the Report Designer and publish the Report to the JasperReports Server. Then the displayed parameter names are always the originaly defined parameter names in JasperSoft Studio.

What is my design mistake?



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2 Answers:

It's may be because you're checking overwrite parameters when uploading to JasperReports Server. Another problem may be you didn't change the parameter name in Studio.

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Thanks for  your answer. when i change the name of the parameter in jaspersoft studio, then the Parameter is not functional because server an studio parameters arent identic. But as i already said, when i upload to server the parameter name of studio is displayed. How can i prevent the overwriting?

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