Disabling back button in a particular report in Jasper reports server

I am using jasper reports server 6.0.1. In a particular report, I want to hide back and refresh buttons. Got some information about it from the posts http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/800674/back-button-without-dec... and http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/remove-back-button-using-custom-par...

Now my question is how to pass a custom parameter to ViewReport.jsp. In the link above, the report URL is invoked externally and user can add any custom parameter.

My report is inside jasper reports server. How can I pass an additional parameter to JSP file? Can I do it with input controls in report? Or is there any other way?

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I did some study on drill down. There one report is called from another.

I have only one report and it is not a big one. So I don't want a second report or subreport. Is there a way to use input control in ViewReport.jsp? Or some other way to inform ViewReport.jsp that I don't want back and refresh buttons for some selected screens.

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1 Answer:

The example is using drill-down reports. It's just setting parameters in the report to pass to the linked reports. Google "jasperreports drill down" to find information on how to setup a drill down report.

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