Jaspersoft server 6.0 report missing columns

I have Jaspersoft AWS version 6.0. I created an ad hoc view table with many columns grouped by one field.

I saved the adhoc and created a report based on it.

In the report not all columns visible in the adhoc view are visible in the report. Any ideas why? Is there a limit for the columns in the report?

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There should not be any limitations if you use the default template (actual size) are you using any specific templates when creating the report based on the View? 

marianol - 8 years 5 months ago

/default template is used. There's nothing out of normal in the adhoc view. Just normal columns, I have numbers, text and date columns.

mc.bechara - 8 years 4 months ago

1 Answer:

This is strange... I'm trying to replicate this but if I use the default template I get all the columns, see the attachjed PDF. 

Have you changed the default template? Can you create another report form the same view; right click on the view in the Repository and select Create report and select Custom Template and force it to use the Actual Size one:

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