AWS jaspersoft server created AD hocs and reports not opening

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I have the Jaspersoft AWS version installed and I have created many adhoc views and reports since long and everything was working perfect. Except few days again, when I click on any of my existing adhocs or reports, it keeps loading and never opens. 
My internet connection is good. My datasource is well connected to oracle.
What is the problem?
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Have you looked at the log? any error, exceptions?

Please provide more details.

nthapa - 7 years 2 months ago

no errors just as if it goes timeout and loader keeps turning

mc.bechara - 7 years 2 months ago

1 Answer:

Is hard to figure out without more detail... Have you imported new elements to the repository? upgraded the server? I ssume your Oracle db is in RDS; have you changed the RDS security group? changed the user and or pass for your oracle DB?
It will be really useful to see the jasperserver.log to see what is happening in the backend. You should also enable logging of Domain Queries to see if those are sent to your Oracle backend. Since the wheel is spinning I'm thinking this is a connectivity issue with the DB, but the log will tell you what is going on.
To do that login as superuser to Jasperserver, go to Manage -> Server Settings ->log settings and select DEBUG in Log Domain Queries and also add this 2 classes at the end in DEBUG mode:
Here you have some extra articles about troubleshooting datasources
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