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I am new to jaspersoft server and I was assigned to test all the functunalities in it .

While I was testing the Enterprise I noticed that there are some sample reports with different themes or templates like

11. Sales By Month Report and 11g. Sales By Month Report, the second one has a very nice theme and

I searched for a video or instructions on how did this theme was applied and I couldn't find anything .

If anyone may explain to me how was the format different and was it developed using the tools in the server only .

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All the samples comes in 2 flavors the ones named with "G" use the black/green template the other ones use the while/blue, all those reports are created using Jaspersoft Studio. If you open them in studio you can see how the theme was applied.

The report Stylesheets of the samples are located in /public/Samples/Resources/Extras/ and There should be one called SampleReportStylesG.jrtx or something similar there.

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Thank you for your answer I was thinking that this might be the case .
If I may ask ,In jasper server you can make your own reports from ad-hoc view
then creating the reports . Lets say after creating the report I didn't like the default style will I be able to change the report style somehow like using a css file ?

mohd.alsebea - 6 years 6 months ago