Visualize.js support with JasperReports server community edition

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Could you please let me know if Visualize.js javascript API supports with JRS community edition ? Currently we  are using jasperreports-server-cp-6.0.1. 

We want to embed the BI reports into another Web application. In one of the blog found that embedding the BI reports can be acheieved using 3 options (iFrames, REST API & Visualize.js). After initial analysis, we found that using visualize.js is easy approach to embed the BI report.  But, it only supports with JRS commercial version. 

Please let us know the easiest method to implement this feature. 

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Sorry, Visualize.js is only available in the commercial version. You can still use REST API and use jQuery to get a report on a HTML page but it sure is much easier using Visualize.js.

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Hi Hozawa,

Thanks for clarification.
What is the best design approach to embed the BI reports into the Web application using JasperReports Community edition ?

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itsvarma434 - 7 years 10 months ago

As we are using community edition now, we need only Visualize.js to render the report in our app . is it possible to buy only Visualize.js , and wt will be the cost?

sahoomanu - 5 years 1 month ago