Doubt about Table

Hello, everyone!
I have a doubt. I'm using the table component to display content that I show in the image.
On each page have to display every day of the week, and in each column display customer data.
When you finish the page, when the last column is "Saturday", customer data 2 has to be displayed on another page, and not at the end of the first, look at the picture, please.
How can I fix this?
Thanks for the help guys.
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I am not very sure but I heard about page break concept that can be used here. Please have a look at this:

daad.madhusudan - 4 years 11 months ago

what is the query that you a re using for this..?

AnnMary.Thomas - 4 years 11 months ago

2 Answers:


Can you show us your report design JRXML file to help undertsand the issue? Please also send its PDF output for mock up data.

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Try to Group by customer number and put a page break in the group footer.

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