Unable to install Jasperstudio on my Mac [Solved]

Good evening, I try unsuccessfully to install JaspersoftStudio on my Mac after installing and try to run it, Jasperstudio  always asks "Java SE 6 legacy" 
I try with Google but  no chance to find a solution, cn somebody help me?
Thank in advances
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1 Answer:


Yes with Yosemite and the latest Apple updates is a pain to get any eclipse product working.

The issue is long to explain, but the quick solution is to change the JaspersoftStudio.ini and fix the -vm flag in the .ini file as follow:

To find this file in your Mac go to Applications/Jaspersoft Studio right click on the app file and select open package contents
Then navigate to Contents/MacOS and you will find the file there, is a text file so you can edit it with Sublime text or your favorite mac text editor.
Find the line that says -vm and replace it with the path i shown above so it points to the Java bundled with JSS
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Thank a lot Marianol you're my hero

rbonazzo - 4 years 8 months ago