Migrating Jaspersoft server to a custom user defined security hardened AMI on AWS


I am runnning licensed jaspersoft server on AWS. To launch the machine I used the AWS marketplace AMI. Now there has been an instruction from the infra team to move all our instances to a paticular hardended AMI on AWS. So we need to maove this installation too to this new AMI. Is there a standard documentation to do this and if at all its possible ? Would really appretiate an early response as I am running out of time.  

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1 Answer:

Since you will have to use your own AMI's and not the Jaspersoft provided ones, you will have to spin off your AMI and do an manual install of JasperServer, to keep what you have in your current instace you will need to export the repository of the old instance, install a clean Japser in your new intance and then import the repository there,

Check the install guide https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/jasperreports-server-inst... on the steps needed for a manual install. 

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