Remote installation of Jasper Report Server fails during execution of initdb.exe

HI All,
Jasper Report Server 5.6.0
I am able to successfully install Jasper Report Server in unattended mode, when login to a specific machine as local Administrator. But I want to do the installation from a remote machine and am passing the same parameters as earlier(invoking the setup using CPAU for run as admin), but it fails while executing initdb.exe with the data folder creation.
I am getting the following error message as stated below.
"Executing initdb.exe -U postgres -E UTF8 -D C:/JASPER~1/JASPER~1.6/POSTGR~1/data
Script exit code: unknown signal
Script output:
Script stderr: child killed: unknown signal"
After googling and looking for a possible solution, I tried the following. 
1) Created the data folder via cmd and provided full control permissions using cacls
2) Created the parent folder 'JasperServer' and provided inheritance permissions of OI, CI, Full Control. 
But the issue appears to be the same. Though I am able to install Jasper Server with the same account by rdp in to the specific machine.
Can anyone help me out?
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1 Answer:

This is probably a Postgresql installation issue. Postgresql is strict on how to install. I think you have to do it locally. I've experienced too much trouble with Postgresql installation that I've switched to using other databases instead.

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Yes. I agree its a postgresql issue. Anyway to resolve it, as its a bundled package from jaspersoft. Also, instead of postgresql, are there any way to choose mysql during installation of jaspersoft.

bala.ilinksys - 8 years 9 months ago