How does one add a tff font to jaspersoft studio properly. I added it to the system so it renders great in preview, but then when I exported it to a pdf and uploaded it to the jaspersoft server the font didnt work. How do I then export it properly and upload it to the server properly? Thanks. If you answer my question you shall recieve a haiku.

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You need to use the JR Library feature referred to as font extensions.    This is described here and iReport and Studio both have some helper wizards to create the jar for you:

It's detailed in the JasperReports Ultimate Guide, and our salesengineer provides some illustrated background on the topic here in his blog here: 

In Studio choose Window -> Preferences -> Jaspersoft Studio -> Fonts, click Add to add your ttf, eventually choose "Export" to create the font extension jar (it's just a bundle of the files as described above).    Add the jar to your runtime classpath (like the WEB-INF\lib dir of your appserver)

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In the time since I posted trial and error availed. However, do I need access to the machine in which jasperreports is running besides the webui?

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If you add a custom font, it's necessary to copy the font jar to the file directory and restart JasperReports Server.

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