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I workd for a Week with the iReport Designer. Just so mutch that I understand it and all my Reports worked.
Now I read about the Studio and I install it. But, I realy don't understand that!

I just try to get a empty Report with an Picture in it.

First dont get a Report on the Server, it desapears every time.
After I export it form a local created project to the Server, I had it finaly on the Server.
Just a empty Report. On the same Way i move a picture on the Server.
I tryied to insert the Picture in the Report, but it never find this picture when i excec it on the Studio.

Then I tryied to excec the report on the server withe the JasperReport WUI, but I diden't find the Report on it,
after a refrash in the Studio, the report dessapears again.

This is just one problem I have with it. I'm realy sure that I'm the problem!
I searchd on Youtube tutorials for a little hint but i can't find a good one.

Can somebody pleaaaaas make one? Just the basics:
- Create a project in the Jaspersoft Studio.
- With an empty report (maybe with a picture and a little text)
- export this to the server
- and execute it

May be with a little subreport (just a text in it or something).

Very Thank you

Popo Jxing Gjou

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1 Answer:

Have you gone through "Jaspersoft Studio User Guide"?



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yes I checked it, but it's go not so in the deep like I wish.
So for a example, I have the Problem to get a picture in a Project folder, and it's not written waht happen with a picture when I upload the report to the server. Will the picture get uploaded too? Will the path in the report get changed to the new location on the Server?
What happen with subreports?

And when I create in a project a blank report, insert a text for example and upload to the Server, I get a error (invalide name) when I run the Report on the Server.

I checked the guid, but it's just a little step for step guid and not a detailed dokumentation which explain the details.... so my view.

popojxgjqnzeit - 9 years 3 months ago