How to change jrs zip export file

Do anyone know how to modify the jrs export zip file and import to JasperServer again?

I got an error :

 Import failed. Reason: provided zip file is not valid JasperReports Server export file. | close

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers:

You can only export/import on same version/revision of JasperReport Server. Also, use the Manage -> Server Settings -> Import from the menu instead of the command line.

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I think i have found a solution to this problem, due to the fact i also had this error and solved it.

So i've exported a, modified it, zipped it and i got also this error ..

Solution, if  you have an export folder and you zip it, you'll see an /export/ path in your zip file and that's why he doens't accept it,
so you need to re-zip your zip file in the export folder ..

Meaning your zip file shouldn't contain any parent folder.. you see? :)
below an invalid re-zipped file to illustrate the problem



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